7th PILF Program

DAY 1 (April 28, 2016)

8:00 am Registration and opening of book fair/exhibit

                                                                     OPENING CEREMONY


9:00 am  

Creative performance: Bagong Himig Serenata


9:10 am  

Welcome Remarks and Introduction of Keynote Speakers

Flor Marie Sta. Romana-Cruz


9:20 am  

Keynote Speakers

Jo-Ann Maglipon and Bei Ling


9:50 am  



10:00 am  

Pete Lacaba and Ericson Acosta with Karina Bolasco

A dialogue between two poets whose words rang louder whilst being silenced.




11:00 am


Retelling Stories and Untold Histories of Indigenous Groups


Are there fast and hard rules in retelling stories of indigenous groups? How do researchers and writers stay faithful to indigenous people’s narratives? What stories may be rewritten and what untold histories are yet to be written?


Speakers: Padma Perez,

Analyn Salvador-Amores



Corazon Alvina



Sex & Sexuality


Participants of this roundtable discussion may delve into writing about sex and sexuality from one’s own experiences and beyond them, share about their own work and those of other writers. The session may include challenges in the craft, importance of writing about sexual diversity, aspects of LGBT culture, and more.  


Speakers: Mayette Bayuga, Joel Salud, Bernadette Neri,

J. Neil Garcia, Benilda Santos



Ferdinand M. Lopez





Truth from Tragedies


Writers share about their works that recount and reflect on tragic events like crime and calamities. Topics may include issues in research, challenges in the craft of writing, and the significance of capturing witnesses’ and survivors’ accounts in a retold fashion.



Anna Christie Torres,

John Bengan,

Jeena Marquez



Rommel Rodriguez




12:00 pm



1:00 pm

Kapihan: Wika, Panitikan, at Pagbabasa by KWF

2:30 pm



Are Writers Free?


How free are writers today? What does intellectual freedom mean in our society? Are there still topics we’re too afraid or ashamed to tell?   This session may discuss censorship, sensitive topics in literature, and more.



Speakers: Chingbee Cruz,   Ericson Acosta,

Allan Derain, Yiliang Wang, Bei Ling


Contributing moderator:   Jun Cruz Reyes




Superheroes, Myths & Legends


Writers, editors, and graphic fictionists talk about writing and rewriting about superheroes, mythical creatures, and legends in this roundtable discussion. Topics may include the craft of writing, challenges in research, accuracies/inaccuracies in published myths, and more.  


Speakers: Tepai Pascual, Mervin Malonzo,

Edgar Calabia Samar,

Carljoe Javier


Moderator: Paolo Chikiamco



Frankfurt Bookfair 2016 Briefing


with Claudia Kaiser


3:45 pm




4:00 pm –

5:30 pm


Workshopping Workshops


Weigh in on the conversation of organizers and panelists of writing workshops in the country as they share what makes their own unique and effective. What happens during workshops as well as after them may be discussed.



Renato Vibiesca (PUP-CCW),

Ralph Semino Galan (UST), Mitch Cerda (ANWW),

Ian Rosales Casocot (SUNWW),

Michael M. Coroza (LIRA), Butch Dalisay (UPNWW)


Moderator: Vim Nadera



4:00 pm –

5:15 pm


“Letters to A Young Poet”


What would our seasoned writers write to young and aspiring authors of the country? What cautionary tale or comforting words can they offer? Join poets and fictionists alike as they make a public reading of their own letters to emerging and aspiring creators in the Philippines.


Featured writers: Benilda Santos,

Edel Garcellano,

Bei Ling



Padma Perez


Getting Graphic with History


Can graphic literature capture the complexities of history? How does it provide a glimpse of the political and cultural climate of a nation? From comic strips to graphic novels, graphic literature of the past and present is examined with its potential or intent to report or record what has been and what is now.


Speakers: Sonny Liew, Jess Abrera


Contributing moderator:   Carljoe Javier



5:15 pm





DAY 2 (April 29, 2016)      


8:30 am




9:00 am

Introduction of the Plenary Speakers: Graciela Mendoza Cayton

9:15 am


Breaking into the International Market

Claudia Kaiser

Stacy Whitman


10:15 am



10:30 – 12:30 pm


Literary Editing Lecture


This lecture may include discussions of literary editing as a craft, curation of literary works for a school paper, and more.



Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo


Rights Selling 101


When it comes to selling rights, what must authors and publishers need to understand besides selling book publication rights?

How can one sell rights successfully and maximize a meeting with an agent or a visit to a book fair? This session may discuss rights for translation, co-editions, book club rights, audiobook rights, condensation rights, TV and film rights, and more.



Andrea Pasion-Flores,   Claudia Kaiser



Ruey de Vera



Reading Between the Lines


Both published and aspiring authors are invited in this session where must-haves of any publishing contract are discussed in depth.

Definitions and distinctions between key terms/ jargon in the industry as used in contracts may be included, as well as skills in negotiating publishing contracts.


Speaker: Nicolas Pichay





12:30-1:30 pm




1:30 pm-2:45 pm


Mapping Digital Activity in Philippine Publishing



Speaker: Honey de Peralta




Book Spin-Offs


How receptive is the public to products created from books they love? How effective are book spin-offs in boosting book sales? How can publishers and authors work together to leverage their IPs into merchandise?


Speakers: Jun Matias,

Tanya Yuson,

Charles Tan


Contributing moderator:

Ani Almario


The Author as a Publisher: Finding the Right Self-Publishing Strategy


Targeted at both first-time authors and seasoned ones who want to self-publish, this session will discuss finding the right self-publishing strategies—from editing and printing content to marketing and distributing copies on the market.



Don Emmanuel Nolasco,

Reev Robledo,

Chingbee Cruz, Bei Ling


Moderator: Carljoe Javier



2:45- 3:00 pm



3:00 pm-

4:30 pm


Book Design Workshop



A short but incisive look at how a book is packaged from cover to cover.


Lecturer/Facilitator: Guillermo Ramos



*This session will end at 5:00 pm. Participants are required to bring laptop for exercises.




Writing for the World


How do writers from Asia fare in the competition for publishers and readers from all over the globe? Hear these writers’ stories on how they “write for the world.”


Speakers: Kate Evangelista, Sonny Liew


Moderator: Karina Bolasco


Marketing Strategies for World Publishers


How ready are our publishers to step out of familiar shores? What strategies do they need to compete effectively in the world market? This session may include global marketing trends, innovative marketing plans for the international market, and more.


Speakers: Gwenn Galvez, Stacy Whitman


Moderator: Ani Almario



4:30 pm


Book signing sessions & launches

5:30 pm



Performance from Harana String Company